How to Apply

Application and Registration

Please fill out the following online application forms:


Please fill out the Application Form and submit it (see “Deadlines and Fees” for details). Space is limited. Early applications are encouraged. Applications will be accepted after the deadline only if student vacancies remain. In addition to filling out the application, students should include a Video recording of 15 minutes maximum (YouTube link and not older than 4 months ONLY), 2 HD photos of own choice (do not need to be passport photos), a non-refundable registration fee (140 Euros) and a 700 Euros non-refundable deposit (payable upon receipt of notification of acceptance) to secure the place in the Festival. Your recording should be of best possible quality and include two contrasting works (or sections) suitable for performance in concert (please see Application Form for more information). NO use of selfies for the recordings please. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated. After the receipt of your materials you will be notified of your status by email. To guarantee your acceptance, the tuition payment must be posted by deadline. Should you decide to cancel, the full or part tuition fee, less a EUR 140 processing fee and incurred bank transfer charges as well as a deposit, will be refunded to you if written request is received by assigned date after which no refunds shall be made (consult the cancellation/refund schedule under “Deadlines and fees” for guidelines).

The Festival cannot guarantee full integration into chamber music activities of those who apply after the Deadline.

Please explore your local community, including arts, religious or civic organizations, schools and private donors for the sources of financial aid. Private donors are entitled to receive a tax deduction receipt from the festival since we are a non-profit organization.

The participants are encouraged to complete entire paperwork, including the audition recording, ONLINE:


Deadline: January 31, 2023 (Early submission is encouraged) for the application and Registration fee.

Registration has been  closed except for the cases when special arrangements were made with invited faculty !!!