* The Festival provides the accommodations for all participants from Monday, July 24 through Monday, August 7, 2023 in a centrally located and within walking distance from the school and all amenities city hotel,  accommodating 2/3 people per room with breakfast and lunch included in the accommodation fee;

* Single accommodation is possible upon request and at a supplement

* Those intending to arrive earlier and/or leave later, please use the Saarburger travelling guide online to arrange the accommodations.

Accommodation for Faculty, Guest artists, students and Registered Visitors:

Hotel am Markt 

Am Markt 10-16, 54439 Saarburg, Deutschland
tel.: +49 6581 9262 0
per Fax: +49 6581 9262 62


Hotel Saar Galerie 

Heckingstr. 12-14, 54439 Saarburg, Deutschland

tel. +49/6581/92960, Fax 06581 / 92 96-50


We kindly ask ALL Festival guests (participants, faculty, guest artists and long term visitors) to refrain from direct contacting the hotel regarding any booking issues. This is sole responsibility of the festival. Hotel is instructed not to discuss any booking issues with Festival´s participants/guests.

Long term visitors (over 2 days stay) related to any Festival participant, guest artist or faculty are requested not to use any of the internet search engines to book the accommodations but to follow the Festival´s clearly outlined “Visitors” policy (section “Deadlines and fees”).

1-2 days visitors are personally responsible for all the Arrangements and are not entitled to any special rates, reserved strictly for the Festival participants and officially registered “Visitors”.