Passports and Visas

THIS INFORMATION FOR: • Singers • Pianists • Instrumentalists • Faculty/Staff • Visitors

PASSPORTS AND VISAS for the students travelling from the USA

All travelers, including children, leaving the United States and planning to return to the USA must have a valid passport. Check government web site for latest information: 

If you have a valid passport, CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE NOW to make sure it is valid for longer than the duration of your travel outside the United States. If you do not have a valid passport, apply immediately! Yesterday would not have been too soon! New applications can take several weeks to months. APPLY NOW even though you are not completely sure you will attend Saarburg Festival & School.

If you are not traveling with a U.S. passport, you may need a visa to transit (land and change planes) certain countries and to enter Germany or other European countries. If you do not have the proper documents, you may encounter difficulties. 

PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS (please check regularly for any updates)

U.S. Citizens

For detailed official information on passport application, visit This web site will provide you with current relevant information, which can not be included here.

The U.S. Passport Office in your city is usually located in Post Offices or the Courthouse.  When applying for the first time, or certain other stipulations, you must appear in person. Depending on the location, the rules vary as to how you can pay. Please consult relevant authorities to avoid inconvenience.

You will need:

• Certified copy of your birth certificate, your old passport or naturalization papers

• Two photographs, size 2 x 2 inches, black & white (non-gloss, matte finish), or color photos with light background (less that six months old), check or money order made payable to the Passport Office) . Adult passports are valid for 10 years; children’s for 5 years.

Check for current prices on web site to avoid inconvenience! Verify with the location what they will accept.

• Valid Driver License, any state

• Certified proof of any name change

Allow a minimum of 3 weeks to obtain your passport.



U.S. Citizens

If you are a citizen of the United States, a Visa is not required to visit Germany, other European Union countries and most other European countries.

NON-U.S. Citizens

If your passport WAS NOT issued by the United States, you MUST contact the German Embassy in Washington, DC ( 4645 Reservoir Road NW, Washington, DC 20007-1998, phone: 202/298-400, visa questions: 202/298-4224, passport questions: 202/471-5529)  or the nearest German consulate in your respective country about a VISA to enter Germany. If a German VISA is required for citizens of your country, you MUST APPLY and OBTAIN the VISA BEFORE you travel.

It is your personal responsibility to inquire in German consulate/embassy about current requirements for the Visa application and to communicate this information to us. The best would be obtaining printed version of the requirements  and email it to us.

If requested by the German consulate/embassy, Saarburg Festival will supply a letter, content of which will correspond to the current Visa requirement as communicated to us by you, certifying your status as a Saarburg Festival participant. First, show the officials your acceptance letter/email or contract. 

Please be aware, that Festival can issue only one letter of confirmation. Therefore, the information you communicate to us must be current and precise. It is personal responsibility of the participants to communicate to us regarding any Visa issues as soon as you received Notification of acceptance.

Obtaining a Visa may be slow and complicated. ACT NOW!


It is essential for you to determine that your papers are in order for your RE-ENTRY into the United States. If you are returning to the U.S., investigate this now!

Saarburg Festival can neither help you if you do not have the proper documents nor be responsible for any problems with Visa due to late or incorrect information you may supplied to us.