Deadlines and Fees

2017 Season Deadlines and fees

Please be advised, that unless special arrangements have been made with the faculty in advance, ALL deadlines for the Payments, as well as late fees/surcharges, are strictly inforced, with no deviation, negotiation or exception and apply for ALL categories of Participants (Active;Passive/Visitors/Observers).

In ALL cases 11.59 pm Central European time on the relevant Deadline day is a cut off point.

January 31  – due date for a complete application and 110 euro registration fee (EARLY APPLICATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED, 120 euro after January 31st, applicable for all participants and visitors; 11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point); The Registration is closed, except for special arrangements made with the invited faculty !! Late fee apply !!!  

 February 25 – Notification of acceptance

March 1 – for 700 euro deposit ( 100 euro late fee is applicable  after March 1st for all Active and Passive participants/Visitors).

March 10 – for Scholarship/Financial aid requests (11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point)
April 20 (postmarked) – Balance Fees dueEUR 1600 (EUR 700  for the auditors) bank to bank transfer only (add processing fee imposed by your bank and Luxembourgish bank ). From April 25 late surcharges apply (11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point).

June 1 – Notification of repertoire and chamber music assignments
July 17 – Arrival Day
July  31– Departure Day

We encourage potential participants to complete entire paper work, including audition recording, ONLINE.

Financial Policies

This information is for all Festival participants and visitors to ensure Saarburg Festival is held as planned for all participants.

  • Preparation for the Summer Festival and School begins a year in advance.
  • Financial commitments are made for performance halls, hotel rooms, school facilities, faculty, rental pianos, food workers and other support functions. Cancellations affect the cost of the overall program and we try to help participants avoid these if possible.
  • After April 20, cancellation fee apply for ALL categories of Participants. Please call and discuss your situation with the Saarburg Festival if you have questions. We are committed to helping you attend Saarburg Festival and School.
  • Admission application deadline is January 31, 2017;  extended till February 10 !! Late fee applied !!!
  • Application Fee (non-refundable) EUR 110 deadline January 31, 2016; 11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point ( after January 31, 2016 – EUR 120).
  • Deposit (non-refundable, refundable in case of non-acceptance of the participant) EUR 700 is due by March 1st, 2016 upon Notification of acceptance; 11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point (after March 1 – 100 euro late fee is in effect).
  • To reserve a place at Saarburg Festival requires receipt of your application and fees.
  • Final tuition (or tuition balance) payment deadline is April 20, 2016 (11.59 pm Central European time is cut off point).
  • NO Transfer of the paid dues (partial or complete) to any other person or getting a credit for the future participation is possible

All Late Payments/ Surcharges are applicable for all categories of Participants and Visitors. The time at which potential participant or visitor was invited or made a decision to register for the program has no impact upon late surcharges, unless a special arrangement was made in advance.

Late surcharges on the tuition/”Passive participant” fee balance (applicable for ALL categories of Participants and Visitors).

from April 25 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) EUR 50
from May 15 (11.59 pm Central Europena tiem is a cut off point) EUR 100
from June 1 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) EUR 200
from June 15 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) EUR 300

Cancellation Fees apply after the enrollment deadline (applicable for all Participants and Visitors)

from April 20 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) – EUR 700 (on the top of NON-refundable registration fee and deposit)
from May 1 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) – EUR 1000 (on the top of NON-refundable registration fee and deposit)
from May 15 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) – EUR 1200 (on the top of NON-refundable registration fee and deposit)
from June 1 (11.59 pm Central European time is a cut off point) Tuition is not refunded (EUR 2300)

Dues/Refund policy

Students, who overpaid their dues, are entitled to a refund, which is paid out upon Arrival to Saarburg in cash.

Students, who owe any amount to the Festival are obliged to pay the outstanding balance within first 3 days upon the arrival, without any additional reminder. Surcharge for the payment of the outstanding balance after July 20th – 10 euro.

The exact amount of Due/Refund is communicated to each participant via an email in advance.

The list of outstanding dues and refund is normally posted on the Info-board. The Festival authorizes Hotels to settle any outstanding and unpaid amount by charging the credit card of the person involved as a part of his/her accommodations cost.

Bank to Bank Transfer of Fees

Can be done via ONLINE banking (the simplest and fastest way) or in any respective bank via bank clerk. We advise in this case, that you print out the below information and take it with you ti the bank.

All fees must be in Euros ONLY and per Bank to Bank Transfer ONLY to:

SAARBURG FESTIVAL (account holder/beneficiary)

Postfach 43
L-9901 Troisvierges
BGL  BNP PARIBAS (name of the bank)

50 Bv. J.F. Kennedy, L-2951 Luxembourg (address of the bank)
IBAN : LU 72 0030 8769 6219 0000 (international bank account number (starting from LU)
BIC (SWIFT) BGLLLULL (swift code of the bank)

NOTE: Please mark clearly all payments with name of SAARBURG FESTIVAL participant (full name as it appears on your application). Please, e-mail us information about payment, date, name, bank and amount. Unmarked money transfers cannot be processed.

Please indicate to  your bank that you will be responsible for all applicable transfer charges. Bank in Luxembourg charges 5 euros for the transfer of up to 2400,00 euros, 8 euros for the amount between 2400 and 6000 euro. Please add this amount as well as the transfer fee of your local bank to your transfer.  An  EXACT AMOUNT you owe us should come to our account.  Thank you.

WARNING for USA and Canadian applicatns!!!

Ask your bank to provide you with a written statement of ALL charges they impose upon the transfer. Many US and Canadian banks use hidden charges and do not inform customers about this. Having a written statement will give you legal right to hold the bank liable for any undisclosed charges.

Also, since banks charge rather high transfer fees for each transaction, consider after receiving a notification of acceptance making just one transfer of entire tuition.


  • 13-day music course in Saarburg takes place in the Saarburg Gymnasium
  • Concert opportunities for all qualified participants (different levels, different venues, subject to faculty approval);
  • Free entrance to all Saarburg Festival concerts;
  • Hotel accommodations (double occupancy) with breakfast served from Tuesday, July 18th  till Monday, July 31st, and lunch served from Tuesday,  July 18th, till  Sunday,  July 30th, 2017 There is  NO breakfast or lunch on the Arrival day. No lunch on the Departure day.
  • Single accommodation is possible at the supplement (please enquire)
  • Use of facilities

For the instrumentalists:

  • 4 x 45 minutes individual lessons
  • 2 x 60 minutes Studio classes
  • 4 x 75 minutes ensemble coachings
  • German, French, Italian  diction classes daily (optional)
  • Russian diction (optional, arranged individually upon request)
  • basic German comprehension class (daily, for all interested)

For the singers:

  • 4 x 45 minutes individual lessons
  • 2 x 60 minutes Studio classes
  • 4 x 45 minutes individual coachings
  • 2 x 60 minutes Studio class coachings
  • 2 x 60 minutes opera ensemble coachings
  • 4 x 45 Stagecraft lessons
  • German, French, Italian  diction group classes daily (obligatory for singers, optional for instrumentalists)
  • Russian diction (optional, arranged individually upon request)
  • basic German comprehension class (daily, for all interested)
  • The qualified singers, with fluently spoken German, who are interested in embarking the European career, will be assisted in setting up auditions for European managers/intendants/conductors (the final decision will be made upon completion of the program)

NOTE: the Festival reserves the right to change Active Participant Status into Active NON-performing status, to cancel or reassign the Repertoire if the participant does not communicate over extended period of time (longer than 3 weeks), particularly in regard to confirmation of the assigned Repertoire, or arrives to the Festival unprepared or poorly prepared.

Active participant with NON –PERFORMING Status ( 2300 euro)

To any student who was not accepted as an active participant or applied after the deadlines, when the planning of the program has been completed, the Festival offers a Active NON- performing status.

For instrumentalists Active Non-performing status means an ability to attend all diction classes and musical rehearsals/coachings, play or consult any faculty personally  or to arrange with the any faculty on his/her instrument active participation in his/her studio class, receive 3 instead of regular 2 individual lessons per week from the teacher of his/her choice, as indicated in his/her respective application.

NON-performing voice students are entitled to attend all diction classes, receive 1-2 individual  coachings and 1-2 stage craft sessions per week, attending and, upon consent of the relevant faculty, performing during the studio class, consulting privately any faculty in order to get some feedback and  receiving 3 individual voice lessons per week from the teacher of his/her choice, as indicated in his/her respective application.


  • Free admission to all Festival/School facilities and activities.
  • Hotel accommodations (double occupancy) with breakfast served from Tuesday, July 18th  till Monday, July 31st, and lunch served from Tuesday,  July 18th, till  Sunday,  July 30th, 2017
  • Single accommodation is possible at the supplement (please enquire).

– EUR 1400 Auditor’s Fee plus 110 euro Registration fee per person is payable if a Student or Faculty is accompanied or visited by another person (parent, relative, partner, friend or guardian) or if anybody wishes to attend the Festival as an observer.

The “Passive participant/Visitor” fee is an unbreakable package, and  covers attendance  at some or all the classes and concerts, room and half-board (double occupancy; single occupancy is available at supplemental fee), and access to all Festival activities and facilities. The fee for 3 to 7 days visit will be calculated at 50% or 700 euros plus 110 euro registration fee. The full fee of 1400 euro plus 110 euro Registration fee will be charged if the person´s visit lasts longer that 7 days. Visitors of 1-2 days duration in total (1-2 overnight stays) and children of up to 12 years of Age are exempt from this policy. 

We request anybody who intends to visit the Festival´s  participant or faculty to inform us immediately and to follow the procedure as described below.

The visitors, who are subject to the “Passive participant” status are required  to make ALL the arrangement EXCLUSIVELY through the Festival.  

1-2 days visitors are personally responsible for all the Arrangements and are not entitled to any special rates, reserved strictly for the Festival participants and officially registered “Passive participants”.

If a short term visitor (1-2 days maximum)  related to any Festival participant or the faculty, wishes to join his contact person for a common lunch, served to all Festival participants and Faculty, he/she needs to inform Festival´s operation manager about his/her intentions and ask for a permission. Upon receipt of the consent, such visitor needs to pay to the operation manager 15 euro for the lunch in advance.

Short term visitors (1-2days maximum) are not allowed to enter any of the Festival´s teaching/rehearsal facilities or attend any lessons/rehearsals/coachings, unless a special permission has been granted by the Artistic Director of the Festival.

Auditors/Visitors are required to submit the initial section of the application (personal data) along with sections of the applications requiring signature, Health and Limits of responsibility forms, as well as 110 euro registration fee by January 31, 2017 (120 euro after January 31, 2017) and 700 euro deposit (800 euro after March 1,2017) by March 1st, 2017

The Registration fee is non-refundable. The Deposit is non-refundable once the festival participant, whom “Passive participant” accompanies or visits during any portion of the Festival, has been accepted to the program. No exception is possible.

No transfer of the fees of any Festival´s participant or guest to other persons or from year to another year is possible.

The Festival authorizes hotels to settle  any unpaid amount by the visitors of the festival, related to any Festival participant or faculty and who did not register and paid the dues  in advance, by charging students credit card or/and to settle the outstanding amount against the fees Festival owes to the teacher of a student or visitor in question.

We expect all potential participants/guests/visitors comply with the above outlined policy and refrain from participation in case of disagreement with it.

Pre – formed chamber groups receive a 150 Euros discount per person under condition that all members of the group submitted complete Application, including Registration fee and Deposit within Deadline schedule: January 31st for the Registration fee and March 1st for Deposit . The preformed chamber group should consist of minimum 3 members and demonstrate a record of a reasonable term of working/performing together. Members of Preformed Chamber group who received 150 euro discount cannot be considered for any additional Financial aid.


A very limited number of scholarships are available to qualified students(SUPERIOR LEVEL ONLY). If you are unsure of your level, please consult your teacher prior to submitting your request. Financial aid is contingent on performing certain tasks for the Festival as well as on full cooperation with Festival needs in regard to chamber music assignments.  The recipients of financial aid may be asked to help with preparation of the music material (instrumental parts for the pieces for which we have only complete scores). Helping Operation Manager and the person in charge of Chamber music activities with various tasks as needed may be another area of assisting the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to revoke the scholarship, partially or completely, if the recipient arrives unprepared or poorly prepared as well as if he/she shows lack of cooperation with the Festival´s needs.

The scholarship request must include the first 2 pages of your parent’s (or your) individual, most recent tax return, a letter requesting financial assistance. This letter should contain the amount of financial aid necessary for you to attend the festival and a statement of the financial circumstances on which your request is based. NO supportive letter(s) from the teacher(s) is (are) required.

Only requests for financial aid received in writing and upon receipt of Notification of acceptance  will be considered.

Please submit all your requests and supportive materials via: ONLY upon receipt of Notification of acceptance. No special form is required.

Scholarship awards are made on the basis of recording evaluation and consultation with faculty.

Members of Pre-formed chamber groups, receiving 150 euro discount, are not eligible for any additional financial aid.

SCHOLARSHIP REQUESTS CAN BE CONSIDERED ONLY AFTER THE STUDENT SUBMITTED A COMPLETE APPLICATION AND PAID A REGISTRATION FEE AND A DEPOSIT !!!  No exception is possible !!! No inquiries can be answered unless this requirement has been fulfilled !!!

March 10 – deadline for Scholarship/Financial aid requests

The decision about Financial aid will be communicated to the applicants by April 14

We are unable to provide any advanced information on financial aid amount. The applicants should be able to manage entire tuition payment in case of financial aid´s absence.

Please explore your local community, including arts, religious or civic organizations, schools and private donors for alternate sources of financial aid. Private donors are entitled to receive a tax deduction receipt from the festival since we are a non-profit organization.


Additional instrument fee

Extra fee EUR 1150/EUR1250 after March 10

TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport (Luxembourg) to/from Saarburg is provided by the Festival to all fully paying participants, guest artists and faculty at no additional cost.

If you ask for Optional transportation from the Luxembourg airport to Saarburg, deadline is June 30th, and you need to fill out online and return to us Transportation form.

Persons (faculty, students, guests/visitors) submitted the Transportation form after June 30th or wishing to use our Transfer service on other than official Arrival/Departure days, will be charged 30 euro per Transfer/Person, payable in advance, and integrated in our bus Transfer only if there will be extra space available.

Immediately after you have finalized your travelling plans, please fill out transportation form, so that we may provide you with Festival´s transportation assistance. Please include all available information including the name of airline, the flight number and arrival terminal in the airport as well as the date/time of arrival. If you are arriving by bus or train, please provide the full name of the bus or railway station as well as arrival date/time. As much detailed information as possible will help us to make your arrival to Saarburg as pleasant as possible.

Assistance can be provided ONLY on ARRIVAL (Monday, July 17) and DEPARTURE (Monday, July 31st) days and ONLY to those who submitted the transportation form on time. No exception will be made.

It is a personal responsibility of Festival participants to make the travelling arrangements outside of an official arrival and departure days, from any other location,exept for Luxembourg airport or if they for whatever reason did not submit the transportation form.
Please have an understanding, that we ARE NOT a travel agency or 7/24 pick up service, and are unable to provide travel information beyond what we uploaded on our website. Please use internet search engines or Travel agencies in your respective places of residency.

Travel Information is accepted ONLY via Transportation form; Information communicated via regular email will not be processed.

If you did not receive a confirmation regarding receipt of your Transportation form, this means that we did not receive it.

All students under age 14 should be accompanied by a parent or a Guardian!

Optional accommodations for early arriving and/or later departing participants is possible upon request.

Extra individual or chamber lessons with any faculty member are possible at an additional charge. The Festival´s recommended price is 75 euro per 60 minutes lesson. The arrangements should be made between teacher and student and coordinated with the person in charge of Schedule.

Saarburg Festival 2017 group photos will be possibly taken during the course.