You Can Afford the Saarburg Festival


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Accumulating the money to make the trip to Europe may seem daunting at first, but hundreds have done it and you can, too! Here we outline some ideas for personal fundraising


Start your fundraising project to attend SAARBURG FESTIVAL immediately!

As a non-profit  organization, SAARBURG FESTIVAL can accept donations (tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law) up to the cost of entire program, airfare, extra living expenses, and a limited amount for career development.

You have a unique talent that has marketable value. You can do what few others can do and what many people enjoy – make music! The first requisite is to believe in yourself and to believe that SAARBURG FESTIVAL offers an important step in your career advancement. The second step is to formulate a clear picture of your project. Write your plans in a proposal. Explain the special opportunity that study in Europe offers and how SAARBURG FESTIVAL meets it. Define your career goals. Tell potential donors exactly what you expect to gain from your summer in SAARBURG. (Study the web site.) Explain the impact it can have on you, your career, your community, school, or region. Publish a brochure stating your plans and goals for SAARBURG FESTIVAL. Use it to contact potential donors.

• Visualize the pride they will feel when you make your debut with your local or regional opera company or the orchestra!

• Think how proud they will be to see you in their Orchestra!

• Think how they will feel when your students benefit from expertise you learned at SAARBURG SCHOOL

• Think how members of your community will feel when they hear you perform in the future!

Explain how donations to the SAARBURG FESTIVAL Scholarship Fund for your benefit are tax-deductible (U.S. citizens) to the extent allowed by law, and all money contributed supports your study. Contact us through the website to request PDF format copies of the “Saarburg Festival” brochure and  Poster from the latest edition of the program to use in a display. Print the appropriate web page to use as information for people who might support your dream. Examine the study and performance opportunities at SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL and use these to explain how they will help your language, technical and audition/performance skills.

Sources of Money

More than a million people have backed a music project on Kickstarter – from new albums to reissues, from one-off DIY shows to enormous opera performances. Check it for yourself.

Your Family and Their Friends

Many participants tell us that family members could afford to help but they didn’t want to ask! If you cannot ask them, whom can you ask? Do not hesitate! How can you ask others to help if you cannot ask your friends and relatives? Explore your immediate family as a source of revenue first. Within the family circle and among their friends, there are people who know you, have watched you grow up and develop your talent and will support your career.

Interested Parties

Contact persons who have expressed an interest in you and your career in the past. Now is the time to ask them for help in your career development! Do your homework. Borrow yearbooks from organizations that support music in your area to identify possible donors. Look at the list of contributors in regional opera, symphony and other programs of musical events. Volunteer at one of their offices to make contacts with people who love music. The development directors (fundraisers) at these organizations might be able to direct you to likely sources and provide addresses. Other sources are community foundations, service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.), music clubs and women’s organizations in your area. Donations made directly to SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL Scholarship Fund designated to your account and donations to tax-exempt organizations forwarded to SAARBURG FESTIVAL are tax-deductible.

Benefit Concerts

Many singers/pianists/instrumentalists have raised money by presenting benefit concerts at the church where they sing or play; at private homes of friends and interested supporters; at clubs, etc. It they have helped you in the past or a person knows your aspirations, talk to them! Look for a support group (friends, family, patrons, music clubs, opera guilds, “interested parties”) to prepare mailing lists, print programs, handle publicity and other time-consuming work needed to ensure the success of the event. Your job is to prepare a superb concert! When a non-profit organization sponsors your benefit concert, funds donated directly to that organization can be forwarded to SAARBURG FESTIVAL. Alternatively, explain in your recital program or in a brochure you write outlining your goals, that individuals can make tax-deductible donations payable to SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL Scholarship Fund designated for your account. Encourage people to send in their donations immediately. Provide an envelope addressed to the SAARBURG FESTIVAL office in LUXEMBOURG, and an enclosure card specifying their name, address and your name as the recipient of their donation. We acknowledge all donations. Be sure to include the date for receipt of funds (prior to the Festival´s deadline) to lend an air of urgency to your project! The biggest payoff at your event may be the discovery of a patron who is interested in your project or who has friends who can help. Yes, there are still angels in this world. Start planning today!


The Referral discount is the biggest discount for which you can qualify.

For each person you refer who enrolls and is accepted in our program as a fully-paying Active performing participant, you will receive  350 euro discount on your full tuition payment of 2750 euro. Referred persons cannot be siblings of the referring participant.

Please contact us at for any supportive materials you may need.

Foundation directory: (Available in most libraries) Published by The Foundation Center (79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003, (800) 424-9836), this is the basic source for information on Foundations that make grants to individuals. Check the index for specific subjects and other relevant information. Always start with foundations in your local area. They seek local people to support. You might fit their profile.

2) Career Guide for Singers, published by OPERA America (777 14th St., NW, Suite 520, Washington, DC 20005-3287, (202) 347-9262 phone, (202) 393-0735 fax, lists grants and competitions.

3) New York Opera Newsletter. Published eleven times yearly [P.O. Box 278, Maplewood, NJ 07040, phone (973) 378-9549, fax (973)-378-2372]; see section entitled “Competitions” for a list that includes all of the U.S.

4) Financial Resources for International Study: A Guide for US Nationals published by IIE Books, Institute of International Education, P.O. Box 371, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0371, $39.95 plus S&H.

5) The Scholarship Book (Fifth Edition) – “The Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Grants, and Loans for Undergraduates”, published by Prentice Hall Publishers, Career & Personal Development, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 or Prentice Hall, Order Processing Dept., P.O. Box 11071, Des Moines, IA 50381-1071.


Apply to many sources. Don’t “put all your eggs in one basket”. Think of yourself as a marvelous tax-deduction and go raise that money!  Do your homework! You CAN afford SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL!

Singer/Pianists/Instrumentalists Your SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL  account is established after your acceptance to the program and payment of fees: a EUR 140 non-refundable Application Fee and a EUR 700 non-refundable Deposit, a total of EUR 840. Donations can be accepted after the account is open. Amounts exceeding the cost of SAARBURG FESTIVAL & SCHOOL tuition are applied first to the cost of travel and the remainder constitutes a Career Development Award and will be disbursed to you in Saarburg.  If you cancel participation entirely, tax-deductible donations are not refundable directly to you and are transferred to the SAARBURG FESTIVAL& SCHOOL Scholarship Fund for general use.

Funds can be transferred to the Festival account ONLY in Euros and ONLY using Bank to Bank electronic Transfer (the Details are in the section “Deadlines and fees”).

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