Transportation Form

Considering all kind of related to the Covid epidemy restrictions world wide and unpredictability of situation, sadly, we are forced to cancel 2021 edition of the program. However, we are determined to hold the 2022 Festival as usual. Preliminary dates for 2022 Festival are July 25 – August 8. 

Our website will be updated for 2022 Festival in a due time. We wish all our faculty, guest artists, students, visitors  and supporters to maintain excellent health and positive spirit.  

Optional Sarburg Festival Transportation on Monday, July 19 (Arrival day) & Monday, August  2d (departure day)

If you ask for Optional transportation from the Luxembourg airport to Saarburg, deadline is June 30th (11:59 pm Central European time), and you need to fill out and return to us this form. This Service is free of charge.

The Festival can assist ONLY on an official ARRIVAL (Monday, July 19) and DEPARTURE (Monday, August 2d) DAYS, ONLY from Luxembourg airport Findel and ONLY those who submitted transportation form ON TIME. No exception will be made.

Important notice:

The Festival’s group transfer service can be organized ONLY between 10 am and 20:00 (8 pm) on both, Arrival and Departure days. We kindly ask all participants and faculty/guest artists to consider this while making travel arrangements. Participants/Faculty/Guest artists who happened to arrive to Findel airport Luxembourg outside these hours are personally responsible for travelling to/from Saarburg.

The exact transfer schedule is determined after all arrival/departure information (Transportation forms) has been received.

Persons (students, faculty, guest artists, visitors) submitted the Transportation form after the Deadline (June 30th) or wishing to use our Transfer service on other than official Arrival/Departure days, will be charged 30 euro per Transfer/Person, payable in advance, and integrated in our bus Transfer only if there will be extra space available.

It is a personal responsibility of Festival participants to make the travelling arrangements outside of an official arrival and departure days, from any other location, except for Luxembourg airport or if they for whatever reason did not submit the transportation form.
Please have an understanding, that we ARE NOT a travel agency or 7/24 pick up service, and are unable to provide travel information beyond what we uploaded on our website. Please use internet search engines or Travel agencies in your respective places of residency.

Travel Information is accepted ONLY via Transportation form; Information communicated via regular email will not be processed.

If you did not receive a confirmation regarding receipt of your Transportation form, this means that we did not receive it.

Those who submitted Transportation form, will be notified about pick-up arrangements shortly before the arrival day.

All students under the age 14 should be accompanied by a parent or a Guardian!

Note: Check in time is 12 pm, check out time is 11:00 am. If you need to be accommodated earlier or stay later than an official departure day, you will pay for the extra night (s).

Additional Comments: Single occupancy accommodation is possible at  supplement (please inquire).