Saarburger Serenaden [July 25- August 8 2022]

International Music Festival & School

Set in the romantic city of Saarburg, the festival is embedded into vineyards and forests, with the monuments of its millennial history such as the cascade, a unique natural spactacle in the centre of the city, with the water falling down the rock cascades for 20 meters, driving the mill wheels in the basin; with its enchamnting “Little Venice” with rows of houses at the Leuk rivulet built on mighty stakes of oak wood, the picturesque Old Town with the multicoloured houses of the fishers and mariners and last but not least the bell foundry, where the traditional handcraft of bell casting was practiced until 2002, and is conceived as a program which should promote better understanding between various peoples of the world through the music-making. It should stimulate musical and human exchange, provide a podium for the talented young musicians and music lovers, create a peaceful non-competitive environment, in which a desire to express oneself through the music would happily unfold.

We are very grateful to the Community of Saarburg, which kindly agreed to host the Festival and is committed to providing the best possible environment for a unique and rich experiences in international setting.

The program is geared for high school, college and young professionals and designed as an advanced training program for singers, pianists, and orchestral instrumentalists with emphasis on individual music enrichment and advancement as well as preparation given to qualified performers for careers in European countries. Exceptionally talented children and advanced amateurs are also encouraged to apply.

The focal point of the program is Chamber music. Students who are interested only in solo playing are not encouraged to apply.

We are committed to expanding the horizon of the students through introduction of neglected and rarely performed vocal repertoire.

A special “music appreciation division” of the program will encourage and welcome those music lovers who would be interested in observing the activities of the Festival and The Music School in combination with intensive sightseeing in Luxembourg and other European metropolis.

The participants will be in residence in Vianden for 2 weeks each summer, working and performing intensively under the guidance of an internationally experienced faculty and staff.