Piano: Qian Shen

Prof. Qian Shen  is a piano educator and vice president of Wuhan Conservatory of Music in the music and education department; she is also  a member of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Society of Education Piano, member of Chinese Musicians Association and a director of Hubei Province Piano Society.

Since she started teaching in 1986, she has trained many outstanding musicians. Prof. Her students received many awards in China´s various competitions, such as the Chinese Musical “Little Golden Bell”, the Yangtze River Piano First National Piano Competition, the “Haitzman Cup” National Piano Competition, “The song of the Voice of Hercules” cup from the Wuhan Piano Television competition, TOYAMA Asian Youth Music Competition, KAWAI National Piano Competition, and the Pearl Cup Piano Competition.

Ms. Shen  has performed in the Wuhan Qintai concert hall and the Hang Zhou concert Hall. She has also held the Piano Trio Concert “Things Past” at Canada CBC concert hall and Sichuan Conservatory of Music Concert Hall. She has been invited by the Cannes Music Academy and Austria Haydn Conservatory of Music  for cultural exchanges and academic activities.