German diction: Dorothea Schönberger

Dorothea Schönberger - photoDorothea Schönberger is a teacher of German and Music. She studied at the university of Landau and continued attending seminars in German language education. Since 1999 she has been working as a teacher.

Furthermore, she continued her vocal training with such reknowed master-teachers as Brigitte Seidler-Winkler from Mannheim and Uwe Götz of Saarbrücken.

She also has been working with Luisa Partridge Mauro in Luxembourg.

She has attended  master classes  with Maria Stader ( Zürich), „ Nei Stemmen“ (Luxembourg), as well as  “Austrian Master Classes” with Ingrid Ammerer.

Her passion is the work as a Choral conductor. She has been conducting several choirs for many years with great satisfaction. Occasionally she performs  as a soloist at the church concerts.