Flute: Zhang Xiaoping

Zhang Xiaoping Now Mr. Zhang is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, a member of the Shanghai Wind Music Association, and the vice president of Shanghai flute Research Association. Mr. Zhang is the professor, master tutor of the Dept. of Design and Art, Tongji University in Shanghai. He has been engaged in the teaching and research for the flute art and the theory of composition for many years. He has also repeatedly participated in domestic and international academic exchanges, and the flute stage performing practices. Mr. Zhang has served as the Committee member of the first and second “Nikolai” International Flute Competitions; he was also the judge of the second and fourth Asian flute Competitions.

As the chief editor, Mr. Zhang published “The flute primary tutorial by Geerbaodi “, “The flute fundamental tutorial by Kohler” and other foreign classic textbook, noted by Chinese. He played and published the “Album of the world-famous flute works played by Zhang Xiaoping” (two CDs).

Mr. Zhang independently created the symphonic suite “Jing Gang Shan”, the large-scale dance drama “Lan Hua Hua”, the music of the dance drama “Dunhuang Dream”, in collaboration with Mr. Zhang Qianyi, etc. (The dance drama “Dunhuang Dream” won the National Prize of Art).

Mr. Zhang was once the Vice-Chairman of the Music Association in Lanzhou City, the Composer and the permanent conductor of the Lanzhou Grand Theatre Orchestra.

Mr. Zhang has been to Switzerland, South Korea, Japan and other places for flute performing and academic exchanges. He has trained and supervised many students, leading them to famous foreign colleges of music and to the national professional art performing groups. His students had won many prizes in domestic and international flute competitions.

In 2014, he created and published the flute solo “Flute Dancing” for the third “Nikolai” International Flute Competition, which was highly appraised by the Organizing Committee and the relevant people in the field.