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You have such a wonderful program

At last I have a chance to send a most sincere ‘thank you’ for a splendid two weeks in Saarburg.

It was beyond what I thought it might be. My students all want to return.

Your organization and super attention to detail as well as the great hospitality you showed all of us was really fantastic.

All best,

Jean McPhail (Voice faculty), Glenn Gould School, University of Toronto

September 2018


Many thanks for all the things you do to make this festival so successful.  I felt so grateful today as I enjoyed an hour of free practice time on the gorgeous piano in my teaching studio—I’ve never been at a festival that provided such a luxury for either students or faculty!

Best, Cathy

Catherine Kautsky (Piano faculty), Lawrence University

July 2018


My name is Michelle Perrier. I am a graduate student at the Fred Fox School of Music pursuing my Masters in vocal performance. After the incredible knowledge and experience I gained from singing in the Saarburg Festival last year, I have applied to return this summer.

Everything about the 2015 Saarburg Festival was wonderful and special. In the diction classes, I learned more about producing a natural vowel sound rather than trying to mimic or produce one. In those two weeks, my German in particular flourished. It is one thing to learn diction in the states from a teacher not native in these particular languages. Actually hearing the minute differences was simply awe-inspiring.

Having so many individual lessons and coachings both with my voice teacher at the university, Dr. Dauphinais, and the other fantastic teachers was nothing short of incredible. Because of them, I was able to retain more knowledge and improve twice as quickly. Never have I felt more focused and driven than in those two weeks.

The focus on chamber music, however, was my favorite aspect. With chamber music, a musician has to think about more than just his or her particular instrument. It is with the awareness of one another that shapes and defines the music. I think the most important lesson I learned is that because of all the musicians on board, each one has a different idea on how to present the music, particularly in tempo. As a result, I would learn to adapt my own thoughts to the collective decision of the ensemble. The end result was something truly beautiful.

Michelle Perrier (voice student)

February 2016


I thoroughly enjoyed last summer!  The faculty were great to work with and I am in total agreement of how you organized the entire event.  I also appreciated greatly the hospitality of the community and its leaders.


Scott Smith (French horn faculty), Ohio University

November 2015


The Saarburg Festival is exceptional in it’s development/nurturing of young musicians, and I have always felt diversity and individuality were most important.

It is a wonderful festival for all, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my past three summers there. Our final concert this past summer was phenomenal, and we are grateful for your fine work!

Carol Jessup (Clarinet faculty), University of Texas in Arlington

October 2015


Dear Semyon,

When I was a participant last year I had such an amazing experience, that when I returned to school in the fall my peers and teachers noticed how I had grown as a singer.  All the hard work that you do to put together this excellent program is truly wonderful and I am so grateful to be able to apply to programs such as yours.

All the best,

Jonelle Sills (voice student)

December 2014


Thank you for a wonderful time in Saarburg again. It always is such a rewarding experience for me both musically and personally .

Stephanie Bogle (Voice faculty), Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto

September 2014


Dear Semyon and Andrew,

I would like to thank you so much for inviting me onto the faculty at Saarburg. You have such a wonderful programme; I love the fact that it is devoted to chamber music – I know of no other summer programme like it – and I also love the atmosphere that you create, one that is completely non-competitive and so warm and friendly. The students were always enormously supportive of each other and I think that is due in no small way to the approach from the top.
I cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed myself; it was fantastic to work with the students and alongside the other faculty members. The town of Saarburg is beautiful, the weather great, the conditions were perfect. All in all a wonderful two weeks – thank you for making it all possible!
Nigel Foster ( faculty, Vocal coach), London

July 2013


Dear Mr. Rozin,

I would just like to personally thank you for an absolutely amazing musical experience! The amount of things I learned while playing music in the Saarburg festival are countless! My goal is to go back to school and hopefully recruit a few (or many) of my friends and tell them how excellent this festival was and return again next year (and brush up on my german as well).  Thank you again!


Kurtis Parker (violin student)

July 2013